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School Health Advisory Council

The District shall support the general wellness of all students by implementing measureable goals to promote sound nutrition and student health and to reduce childhood obesity.

The local school health advisory council (SHAC), on behalf of the District, shall review and consider evidence-based strategies and techniques and shall develop nutrition guidelines and wellness goals as required by law. In the development, implementation, and review of these guidelines and goals, the SHAC shall permit participation by parents, students, representatives of the District's food service provider, physical education teachers, school health professionals, members of the Board, school administrators, and members of the public.


All SHAC meetings are open to the public.


Tentatively scheduled for February 7, 2024 at 1pm in the Board Room of the Administration Building

Meeting Minutes

November 8, 2023

Aspire Presentation

Tobacco Resources for Youth Prevention

Text to Quit Program

Help Teens Stop Vaping

Aspire Smoking Prevention Program

September 20, 2023


For more information on the JISD Student Wellness and Health Services Policy,